In the film, video games, and comic books, a Warlord is a Rank in the gangs used to determine the overall leader. His Second-In-Command is called the 'Lieutenant', who assumes the role of Warlord in case the previous Warlord dies. 

Notable WarlordsEdit

Lieutenants who became WarlordsEdit

  • Swan  · Following the death of Cleon
  • Masai  · Following the Assassination of Cyrus
  • Crackerjack  · Following the death of Chatterbox
  • Beansie · Following the death of Virgil. It is assumed that The Destroyers disbanded after their turf war, but it is possible that Beansie was looking for new turf for Destroyer survivors to occupy, which explains why they weren't at Cyrus's meeting.
  • Tiny  · Following the death of Spider.

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